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Hi, and welcome to Kalis in Wonderland! We are Jon and Karla Kalis and are so excited you found our blog! On July 20th 2019 – a hot summer day in Lexington, Virginia – we vowed to love each other until the day God calls us home. But we also made another vow – one to echo a love greater. 

As two broken people radically saved by the grace of Jesus and brought together for the purpose of bringing Him glory, our hope is that amongst these pages and posts, you’ll see an authentic and transparent journey of pursuing the display of His goodness in our lives.

We don’t know all that life will bring us, but we invite you to join us as we figure out what a love greater looks like in our marriage, faith, passions and challenges.

The Blog

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This is why we are here. It’s what God has taught us, what He’s walked through with us, what He’s graciously still teaching us, and a whole lot more. Our hope is that our experiences will be encouraging and will challenge you to reflect the same love you’ve been shown to the world around you.

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