About Us

About Us

Why Kalis in Wonderland

Our deepest desire is to love each other and the world around us in a way that echoes a love greater; a love that continues to recklessly pursue although we don’t deserve it.

As sinful individuals this can be hard. We have dreams and priorities of our own, and reorienting our hearts to this kind of love takes discipline and grace. We are far from perfect, but perfection isn’t the goal; the goal is to pursue excellence in all we do and to bring God glory.

Our hope for Kalis in Wonderland is that it would be a platform for us to transparently share what we have learned and are going through, while creating the opportunity for you to join alongside us in the pursuit of living the lives we are called to live as individuals, couples, and most importantly, believers.

Meet us

Karla Kalis

This is me – I’m Karla. Those closest to me know that writing these kinds of self bios is not a particular strong suite of mine, but here’s a little glimpse into me. The one thing I will undoubtedly cling to for the rest of my life is Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Though I’ll spend my whole life trying to understand, I know I’ll never fully comprehend two things: God’s love for me and why Jon choose me as his wife. Both humbling and awesome, I look forward to always discovering more of each.

My ideal day involves sunshine and the beach, with a straw sticking out of a coconut if I’m dreamin’ big. My heart smiles when I hear Portuguese, and even more so when I get to speak it – be with family, friends, or new acquaintances. I love trying new foods, but will get excited over a good charcuterie board any day. I’m a city girl and a beach girl, I love quality time out with friends just as much as a cozy night in with my hubby. I’m working on being more passionate, assertive, and light-hearted over things in my life. I hope you’ll see a woman pursuing the Lord, relying on His grace to pursue her husband and others, and just a regular gal sharing her heart as I learn what the Lord is teaching me.

Meet Us

Jonathan Kalis

Hi, I’m Jon. The most important thing to know about me is that I love Jesus, but the most surprising thing about me is that Karla is my wife. I’m still not sure how I managed to land her; she is obviously way out of my league, but what I do know is that while marriage has been beautiful and wonderful, it’s really freaking hard.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s a good thing. It’s sanctifying and pushes me to learn how to love her and others in a deeper, more meaningful way, but I have a long way to go till I can say I am loving her “like Christ loved the Church”. So while you’ll undoubtedly learn more about me- my passion for fitness and competition, my reliance on a good cup of coffee, my borderline obsession with plants, and love of a nice glass of whiskey over a game of Catan (or anything) – as you follow our journey, what I hope you see the most of is the heart of man who is eagerly seeking to display a love greater to his wife and the world around him.

And if you don’t, reach out and keep me accountable.

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