What is a Gospel Lens?

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If you’ve visited our homepage, you’ve seen the phrase “Our life and marriage through a Gospel Lens” displayed on the banner image. 

This phrase is the heart of Kalis in Wonderland. Our goal is to share our experiences as we navigate life and figure out how to approach its various facets through a Gospel lens. And our hope is that through it you would be challenged to live through a Gospel lens too!

This article is our why – it sets the framework of what we believe and is the reason we hope you choose to join us in this journey. To do that, we have to start with what a “Gospel lens” means, why it’s important and how to apply it to life.

What is a Gospel lens?

Simply put, a Gospel lens is seeing and responding to our circumstances through the glorious truths of Scripture, rather than through our own thoughts, moral code, or desires.

It’s a simple definition, but not simply put into practice. Not only does it require us to pause, take our thoughts captive and place our sinful nature aside, it requires us to have a deep understanding of the Gospel and the way it should impact our lives.

So What is the Gospel?

*Quick note to the believers reading this – we’re sure you have knowledge of the Gospel, but don’t skip this section. Every time we come in contact with the Gospel, it changes us; we either gain a deeper appreciation for it or we become more desensitized to it – but we don’t stay the same. So take a moment, read through this truth and let the Lord remind you of His goodness and pursuit of your heart!

For those of you still searching or unsure about Christianity, we are honored and excited that you’re reading this and are grateful for the opportunity to share the Gospel or “Good News” with you in these four distinct parts:

The Gospel in Four Statements:

  1. There is a perfect, sovereign, all-powerful, all-knowing God who created the universe and humankind to live in community with Himself (Genesis 1:1, Genesis 1:27, Genesis 3:8, Leviticus 26:12).
  2. Humankind was eternally separated from God. We sinned and created a barrier between us and God that we could never overcome or make up for ourselves (Genesis 3:13-24). 
  3. Because of His love for us, and despite our undeservedness, God sent his one and only Son to die in our place and take our sins’ punishment to restore us to community with God. (Romans 6:23, John 3:16, Ephesians 2:8, 1 Peter 2:24). But by God’s grace, this isn’t where the Gospel ends…
  4. The Bible says that we become new creations! We are freed from the bondage of sin and made a holy temple where the Holy Spirit dwells, allowing us to pursue a life of holiness and love for the world, to bring glory to our Creator. What an amazing opportunity! (2 Corinthians 5:17, Romans 6:22, Galatians 5:1, 1 Corinthians 3:16, Hebrews 12:14, Galatians 5:13, 1 Peter 4:8,)
gospel lens - Gospel Transformation Bible with Journal in a

Why is a Gospel Lens Important?

Having a Gospel lens is important because it enables us to further God’s Kingdom. When we become Christians, life becomes about so much more than just ourselves and our goals – it becomes about living in a way that shows we love because He first loved us.

Living through a Gospel lens goes beyond the external efforts to be a good person or to love and be kind to all – it informs the way we do things and how we respond to life because the ultimate goal is no longer our relationship with the world, but their relationship to God because of us. This is important because it points to the significance and magnitude of the work Christ has done – it points to something greater than ourselves.

How to Apply a Gospel Lens?

The good news is if you’re a believer,  you already have some practice applying a Gospel lens! 

When we understand and accept the Gospel, our eyes are opened to seeing ourselves, those around us and the world in a different way. It’s like putting on prescription glasses for the first time. Things might have looked fine before, but now we have a clear understanding. This new found understanding – that our lives aren’t about us but about bringing glory to God – changes the way we see the world.

However,  just as prescription glasses need to be re-evaluated and refined as we age, as we grow and mature as believers we need to constantly reassess and adjust the way we approach the world and our lives through this Gospel lens. This means that we’re never “done with” or “perfect at” living through a Gospel lens. This is encouraging because there’s grace for imperfection and joy for the improvements.

While there can be many ways to “look through the lens”, perhaps the simplest is asking:

  • How can I approach or respond to ______ in away that glorifies God? and
  • How Does my fundamental belief in the Gospel, who I am, and who God is, inform the way I respond to _____?

These are very intentional questions, but you may find that the more you ask them the more natural it becomes to operate in the context of them.

What goes in those blanks? Anything!

What Should We View Through a Gospel Lens?

Continuing with the glasses analogy, when you put on prescription lenses, everything you see through them becomes clear, not just words on a page or faces far away. Nothing is exempt from being viewed through the lenses.

This means there are endless practical applications! Inwardly, it applies to our hearts, emotions, and sinful tendencies. It guides us in assessing how we respond to life and gives us the opportunity to prayerfully self-reflect in the presence of God. Outwardly, it applies to the way we approach our careers, relationships, hobbies, routines, priorities, and even the seemingly trivial things like what we choose to wear or how we interact on social media. Paul Washer, an American evangelist, posed a convicting question in a sermon he gave asking “when was the last time you drank a glass of water to the glory of God?

Drinking a glass of water is as mundane as it gets, yet this question brings the level to which the Gospel should impact our lives to a wondrously practical one. Think about it – if we can drink water for God’s glory, how much more can we use our careers, marriages, friendships, churches, communities, and hobbies for His glory?!

A Practical Next Step:

We won’t tell you what a Gospel lens looks like in your life, because we can’t! We don’t know where God has placed you, what your journey has been, or what the Lord has laid before you. We do know that God has uniquely created you to bring glory to Himself and to echo a love greater (His love).

Jon and Karla Kalis with sunglasses as gospel lens

What we will do is share the conviction God has placed on our hearts and hope it stirs something up in you. For us today, living with a Gospel lens means recognizing this world is not our home and allowing that fact to affect the way we engage with others, make plans for the future, and encourage each other. 

For Kalis in Wonderland, it means sharing candidly about life and marriage and keeping things real instead of filtered. It means echoing a love greater as we do our best to love each other in a way that reflects Christ’s love for the church – a love that laid down His life.

We have, and will continue to  fail, but praise God for His grace that abounds and walks with us!

As For You:

We will also leave you with a few simple questions that may not have simple answers:

  1. What has the Lord entrusted to you? 
  2. Does my belief in the Gospel, of who I am and who God is, inform the way I steward what He’s given me? 
  3. How can I approach or respond to [insert area of life] in a way that brings glory to God?

If this message and challenge resonates with you, we’d encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter and share this article with your friends explaining how it has impacted your perspective. 

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  1. Trish Hallmark

    Thank you for this thought provoking message. I hear the Lord through your writings. And for that, I give grace.


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